Édition critique sur les manuscrits

Colette Peignot

First exhaustive critical edition of Colette Peignot’s writings based upon her manuscripts.

Contains a transcription of all of her known manuscripts (including the different versions of the same text or a list of the variants), as well as the critical edition of texts written by her contemporaries that enrich our understanding of Colette Peignot’s life and works.

The texts are presented in chronological order and per time period. Each chapter contains an introduction comprising a chronology, a study of the circumstances in which the texts were written, and a general interpretation of their contents based on different hermeneutical approaches.

The provenance and material aspect of each text are meticulously described and the dating is justified (where unsubstantiated). All transcriptions are based on the original documents and respect their idiosyncrasies.

Planned in several volumes.

Author(s): Colette Peignot
Language(s): French
Also features: texts written by the Peignot family, Boris Souvarine, Jean Bernier, Georges Bataille, Simone Weil, Jeanne Maurin, and others.
Editor(s): Sébastien Jallaud
Illustrator(s): Illustrated
Publication date (print): 01/01/2040
Publication date (digital): 01/01/2040