Histoire d’une petite fille / História de uma menina

Colette Peignot

First critical edition of Colette Peignot’s Histoire d’une petite fille based upon the two last typescripts left by the author.

Features a new translation in Portuguese published opposite to the original French text.



Author(s): Colette Peignot
Publication's number: 7
Language(s): French, Portuguese
Also features: introduction, variants and notes
Editor(s): Sébastien Jallaud
Translator(s): Sébastien Jallaud & André Tavares Marçal (with the collaboration of Catarina Santos)
Designer(s): Sébastien Jallaud & Catarina Santos
Publication date (print): 31/12/2022
Publication date (digital): 01/02/2024