Éditions Ismael is a publisher in the form of a non-profit association, publishing French and foreign books in French and other languages. Works published are mainly narrative, philosophical, and scientific. All can be freely downloaded on editions-ismael.com, even when they are also sold in print.

Ismael? The name of Abraham and Hagar’s son fulfills a precise symbolic function. In the Genesis he incarnates the tragic moment of a rejection and the horizon of a promise. He is the patriarch of another descent. Besides the sons of Isaac – people of the Covenant with Yahweh, characters of the biblical narrative and only actors in History –, dwells in the margins of the text, in the desert, the nomad progeny of Ismael. Nobility and respect, that they can rightly pretend for, are not refused to them by their brothers. But their deeds are subject of no accounts, their names are rarely mentioned, their literal presence is limited to brief appearances from the outer edges into the historical world.

Like Isaac’s descent, Literatures also wrote their Histories upon the exclusion of a multitude of actors and practices. Through its catalogue, this editorial project aims to question the legitimacy of “Literature” as a modern notion organizing normatively all the field of writing (in its widest meaning). We contest: 1) the originality and the continuity of successions in literary history; 2) the legitimacy of hegemonic literary discourses and practices; 3) the legitimacy of the market which creates Literature as a norm for forms and contents, pretending to be judge of the publishable and of the unpublishable.

Poverty of means, anonymity, obscurity, being non-profit, wider economic and functional independence as possible, refusal to resort to hypnotic advertising techniques, a sober communication, constitute aspects of our methodology.

Our catalogue is not so much a coherent whole than it is a series of actions. Each book remains a unique project, the result of a personal collaboration, redefining our methodology at all levels and our understanding of editorial and literary practices.

Some mains lines for the present and the future:

1) To find, establish, question, interpret texts, often drawing much of their significance from historical circumstances, defying taste with an outward poetical poverty. These are mostly epistles, memoirs, trials’ minutes, confessions, personal meditations, testimonies, diaries, reports, sermons etc. The hermeneutic work will in this case be of great import, as it will enable the reconstitution of these literary acts’ genesis, as well as ask how they redefine, with their singular use of language and tradition, Literature and its history. To sum up, throughout the catalogue we intend to develop a critical history of literature and to diversify its concept, giving credit and attention to the variety of its practices. Moreover, in each publication, we intend to question the meaning of literature and writing in general.

2) To publish inedited, out of print or hardly accessible narrative, poetic, philosophical and/or scientific works; all extremely innovative in their respective field. The aim is to promote little-known works, and to reinforce the presence and impact of texts which, read by a small circle, are on the break of completely vanishing from current circulation.

By its associative form, the benevolent work of its members, the reduction of costs principally to author’s rights and printer’s fees (small prints, often offset printing), the Éditions Ismael claim to survive and develop their activity meanwhile guaranteeing a generous remuneration for the authors as well as the freest and largest access to its publications for the readers around the world. We distribute ourselves our printed edition, and sell them at the lowest possible price (accordingly to our expenses, and author’s rights). In conformity with our status all the profit is reinvested in the publication of new titles.


→ We strive to satisfy the most scrupulous reader, and offer to the public reliable and long-lasting books.
→ The texts published by Ismael are written, established and/or translated either by volunteers; or by freelance authors whose collaboration is conditioned to the payment of author’s rights upon the print edition’s sales.
→ Moreover, we commit ourselves to have a special care for the fabrication of our books.
For each printed edition all is done to guarantee the best remuneration possible for the author (we commit to, in most cases, propose an average rate superior or equal to 15% on the individual price of each book). We work with our authors to make sure the editorial contract reflects as much as possible their personal wishes, and protects their rights.
→ For each printed edition we strive to ensure to the reader the lowest possible price, accordingly to the fairest remuneration for all the actors of the process.
→ The Éditions Ismael’s profits upon print editions sales, are, in conformity with our non-profit associative status, reinvested into the association’s activities and development.


All the books in our catalogue fulfill at least one of the following requirements :

  • To be the reprint, in the frame of our collection “Reprint”, of a (usually short) text which circulation has been limited to make it more widely accessible.
  • To be a new translation or a first translation.
  • To be the first edition of a previously unpublished text.
  • To be a new edition (with critical material, accurate notes, discussion of the interpretative method applied to the text, discussion of the interpretative tradition constituted around the text etc., this model being susceptible to vary from an edition to another). In this case we favor :
  1. Books unavailable on the market.
  2. Books unavailable (or almost) on the market and in libraries’ free-access digital collections.
  3. Rare books or rare texts, little-known, and/or hard to find in libraries.

Library & Archives

The Éditions Ismael, in conformity with the international digitalization process of public domain works, invest in the reproduction of texts not yet available on the Internet, which digitalizations are uploaded in the “Library” section of our website (editions-ismael.com) and on the Internet Archive (ww.archive.org), in pdf format.

The Éditions Ismael also stores a growing archives of real manuscripts, photographs and graphic pieces, which we gradually digitize. The files are uploaded in the “Archives” section of our website.


Association à caractère non lucratif (officiellement reconnue comme telle, suite à  l’examen de son dossier, par la Direction Régionale des Finances Publiques Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes).
Créée le 1er mars 2017.
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Les Statuts de l’Association (version approuvée le 5 février 2020).

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