(1909) Ishikawa Takuboku – Poésie à croquer

Poésie à croquer (Poems to eat, kuubeki shi, 食ふべき詩), Ishikawa Takuboku (石川 啄木, 1886-1912), published in the Tôkyô mainichi shinbun (東京毎日新聞) with About the Yumimachi  neighbor (Yumimachi yori, 弓町より), in seven parts between November 30 and December 7 of 1909; translated by Marie-Pascale Venard from Japanese to French, in. Daruma (periodical), 10 & 11, Autumn 2001 – Spring 2002, Éd. Philippe Picquier, pp. 289-303, with a presentation of Dominique  Palmé (uploaded by پردیس on Internet Archives).

(1909) Ishikawa Takuboku – Poésie à croquer (Pdf).

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