(1762) J. G. Hamann – Aesthetica in nuce (trad. Henry Corbin)

Aesthetica in nuce, Rhapsodie en prose kabbalistique, by Johann Georg Hamann (1730-1788), opuscule belonging to the collection Kreuzzüge des Philologen; presentation and translation from german to french by Henry Corbin (1903-1978), published in Mesures (periodical), January 15th 1939, 5th year, n°1, pp.33-59 (digitalized by the Amis de Henry & Stella Corbin).

(1762) J. G. Hamann – Aesthetica in Nuce (trad. H. Corbin) (Pdf)

See also an international bibliography listing translations of Hamann’s texts, and scientific articles about his work.

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