(1909) Ishikawa Takuboku – Poésie à croquer

Poésie à croquer (Poems to eat, kuubeki shi, 食ふべき詩), Ishikawa Takuboku (石川 啄木, 1886-1912), published in the Tôkyô mainichi shinbun (東京毎日新聞) with About the Yumimachi  neighbor (Yumimachi yori, 弓町より), in seven parts between November 30 and December 7 of 1909; translated by Marie-Pascale Venard from Japanese to French, in. Daruma (periodical), 10 & 11, Autumn 2001 – Spring 2002, Éd. Philippe Picquier, pp. 289-303, with a presentation of Dominique  Palmé (uploaded by پردیس on Internet Archives).

(1909) Ishikawa Takuboku – Poésie à croquer (Pdf).


(1912) Ishikawa Takuboku – Jouet Triste

Jouet triste (悲しき玩具), by Ishikawa Takuboku (石川 啄木, 1886-1912), inedited translation, from japanese to french, of some of the first poems of the collection by Jacques Mauval, 2014 (bilingual text).

Followed by the translation of some poems of the same book by Marie-Pascale Venard, in. Daruma (periodical), 10 & 11, Autumn 2001 – Spring 2002, Éd. Philippe Picquier, pp. 304-309, (uploaded by پردیس on Internet Archives).

(1912) Ishikawa Takuboku – Jouet Triste (trad. J. Mauval) (Pdf)
(1912) Ishikawa Takuboku – Jouet triste (trad. M.-P. Venard) (Pdf)


(1982) Chris Marker – Le Dépays

Le Dépays, photographs taken in Japan and texts (french) by Chris Marker (1921-2012), éd. Herscher, Paris, 1982 (uploaded by پردیس on Internet Archives).

Le Dépays, Chris marker, (Pdf 24Mb).