(1917-1934) Four little portraits of women.

Four little portraits of women in Portugal. The first is of a 16 years old girl; is dedicated to a friend (name illegible) by Lidia; is dated from the 1st of may 1934; format: 44x60mm. The second is a child portrait taken at Lisbon’s Armazens do Chiado on the 16th of November 1917; format: 27x36mm. The third is taken at the same place on the 9th of March 1918; carries the following handwritten inscription on it’s back: “Emilia de Cerqueira Aflalo Esposa de José Julio de Cerqueira Aflalo n°. 26.9.9 {?}”; format: 29x36mm. The fourth bears neither name or date; format: 42x36mm. Photographs found at Lisbon’s Feira da Ladra in May of 2018.


























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