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Catarina Santos

Silkscreen print created by Catarina Santos (1989, Portugal) at the old Presídio da Trafaria on March 1, 2018 to mark the release of Éditions Ismael’s 4th publication, Théorie de l’indiscernable / Teoria do indiscernível by João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva.

Author(s): Catarina Santos
Illustrator(s): Catarina Santos
Designer(s): Catarina Santos
Publication date (print): 01/03/2018
Publication date (digital): 01/03/2018
Dimensions: 42 × 59 cm
Distribution: Éditions Ismael
Price: 20 € buy
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PORTUGAL: Livraria Letra Livre (Lisbon) ♦ Livraria Linha de Sombra (Lisbon) ♦ Livraria Leituria (Lisbon) ♦ Matéria Prima (Porto) ♦ Livraria Gato Vadio (Porto) ♦ Livraria Inc. (Porto)

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