Relation Sommaire des Merveilles que Dieu fait en France, dans les Cévennes & dans le Bas-Languedoc, pour l’instruction & la consolation de son Église désolée

Claude Brousson

Verbatim transcription of the first 1694 edition. Corrections due to typographical errors in the original have been amended and are listed in the endnotes.

One of Claude Brousson’s (1647-1698) most remarkable works, this Relation Sommaire, written in the third person with a style he himself called “evangelical”, succinctly recounts the fate of each of the protestant preachers the author met in the wake of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. It also evokes the author’s clandestine life in France, during which he fought with “the sword of the spirit” against the ban on the reformed religion and the fierce repression in the region of Cévennes and Languedoc.

Re-edited for the first time since 1694.

Author(s): Claude Brousson
Pages: 50
Language(s): French
Editor(s): Sébastien Jallaud
Designer(s): Sébastien Jallaud
Publication date (digital): 01/06/2016
Reedition's number: 1
Dimensions: 13 × 21 cm