Le Signe Historique
    la seconde section du Conflit des Facultés et sa réception au xxe siècle

    Paul Choquet

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    • Segunda edição publicada o 27/07/2018.
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    «This essay studies the links between transcendantal philosophy and experience, as seen from the perspective of the historical sign. This concept is applied to an historical event which, in itself, allows us to “pass” from historical experience to the supra-sensible domain of Progress. Indicating a moral disposition of Humanity, this sign confirms the Idea of a progression towards the better. The historical sign identified by Kant is: “the way of thinking of the spectators” of the french Revolution. Meanwhile, Kant uses the vocabulary of disinterestedness belonging to the judgment of taste as well as the vocabulary of enthusiasm, more proper to the sublime. This equivocacy throws a doubt upon the semanticity allowed to this way of thinking, and on the modality by which a passage from the empirical to the transcendantal is made possible».

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