Kathy Acker, 1971-1974

    Kathy Acker

    English edition of some of Kathy Acker’s early writings from 1971-1974.

    Accompanied by texts of Alan Sondheim, Leonard Neufeld and Jill Kroesen.
    Gathers several documents around Acker’s and Sondheim’s 1974 double {Untitled Tape}.

    With the collaboration of: Emily Cheng, Claire Finch, Justin Gajoux, Leonard Neufeld,  Anna Maria Pinaka, Alan Sondheim.

    Publication: July 2019.


    Acknowledgements and Foreword
    Introduction: Claire Finch

    Section from: Diary (1-2/71) (1971) — Kathy Acker
    {Lesbian} « Portraits » (1971, July) — Kathy Acker
    Theory (1972) — Leonard Neufeld
    Journal Black Cats Black Jewels (Summer 1972) — Kathy Acker
    Homage to LeRoi Jones (Fall 1972) — Kathy Acker
    Entrance into dwelling in paradise (Fall 1972) — Kathy Acker
    Murderer criminals join sunlight and other poetic exercises on repetition (Fall 1972) — Kathy Acker
    Stripper Disintegration (1973) — Kathy Acker
    Breaking through memories to desire  (Fall 1973-1974) — Kathy Acker
    Correspondence from Kathy Acker to Alan Sondheim (1974) — Kathy Acker

    Transcription of the Blue Tape‘s dialogues; and photograms of the movie.  — Kathy Acker & Alan Sondheim
    Notes about the Blue Tape (1974) — Emily Cheng

    Excerpts of biog.txt — Alan Sondheim
    About the Blue Tape — Alan Sondheim
    Breaking Through Memories into Desire (1974-1975) — Chris Kraus (excerpt of After Kathy Acker).
    Correspondence with the publisher — Alan Sondheim
    About the Blue Tape — Emily Cheng
    Porno-Graphing — Anna Maria Pinaka

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