[Untitled serigraph]

    Catarina Santos

    • Serigraphy designed and printed on the 1st of Marsh 2018.
    • 4 layers, format A2, 50 ex. signed and numbered.
    • Paper: Conqueror Connoisseur 100% cotton, Soft white, 300g.

    Silk screen print designed and printed by Catarina Santos (1989, Portugal), in the old Presídio of Trafaria, on the 1st of Marsh 2018, for the publication of Ismael’s 4th title, Théorie de l’indiscernable/Teoria do indiscernível by João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva.

    Five layers silkscreen print on Arjowiggins paper, 100% cotton.

    50 copies signed and numbered.


    Download 24mb file.

    Can be ordered, seen and bought at our usual spots.
    Can also be bought:

    at the Livraria Letra Livre, Calçada do Combro n°139, 1200-012, Lisboa.
    at the Livraria Linha de Sombra, (inside the Cinemateca Portuguesa), rua Barata Salgueiro n°39, 1250-042, Lisboa.
    at the Livraria Leituria, rua Dona Estefânia n°123A, 1000-153, Lisboa.
    at the Matéria Prima, rua Miguel Bombarda n°127, 4050-381, Porto.
    at the Livraria Gato Vadio, rua do Rosário n°281, 4050-522, Porto.
    at the Livraria Inc., rua de Santo Ildefonso n°25, 4000-468, Porto.

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