Early Writings (1968-1975).

    Work in progress. Bilingual English-French and English-Portuguese editions of Kathy Acker’s early writings (many of which were never published).
    Publication: 2019-2020.

    Hypothetical plan:
    Introduction: Gabrielle Kappes
    Editor and translator’s note: To describe what is the method followed to transcribe the manuscripts and translate the texts.
    1. Section from: Diary (1-2/71) (1971)
    2. {Lesbian} “Portraits” (1971, July)
    3. Homage to LeRoi Jones (1972)
    4. Journal Black Cats Black Jewels (Summer 1972)
    5. Entrance into dwelling in paradise (Fall 1972)
    6. Murderer criminals join sunlight and other poetic exercises on repetition (Fall 1972)
    7. Stripper Disintegration (1973) (?)
    8. Breaking through memories to desire  (Fall 1973-1974)
    9. Correspondence from Kathy Acker to Alan Sondheim (1974)

    10. Text about the Blue Tape: Matias Viegener.
    11. Alan Sondheim about the Blue Tape.
    12. Transcription of the Blue Tape‘s dialogues; and some images of the movie to illustrate the texts.

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