(1978-1982) Wendy Clarke – Love tapes

Episode 0428 of Image Union featuring the work Love Tapes by Wendy Clarke. “Love Tapes” is a collection of videos from an experiment in which people were allowed to sit alone in a cubicle, only with a video camera and monitor, and talk about love for three minutes. Hundreds of people participated in this experiment, and this collection features 8 full length tapes.

Wendy Clarke, “Love tapes”, two tapes’ transcriptions, published in Semiotexte, vol. III, no. 2, “Schizo-culture”, 1978 (pdf).


America, Video

(1979) Marie-Claude Treilhou – Simone Barbès ou la vertu

Simone Barbès ou la vertu, Marie-Claude Treilhou, 1979, 1h17.
Color movie, 35mm; script: Marie-Claude Treilhou and Michel Delahaye; director assistant: Gérard Frot-Coutaz; production: Diagonale; photography: Jean-Yves Escoffier; scenery: Bénédicte Beaugé; sound: Yves Zlotnicka; editing: Paul Vecchiali.

France, Video